Coinbase says "No decision" Made for Ripple

Coinbase Says ‘No Decision’ on New Assets Amid Ripple Rumors

Coinbase is pushing back against stories that it could soon add Ripple’s XRP token to its current trading pairs.

The speculation comes after Coinbase COO and President Asiff Hirji revealed that he could be seen up close with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse on a special edition of CNBC’s “Fast Money” on March 6. Moreover, despite any hard confirmation of a possible listing, the price of XRP rose above $1 on Monday.

After hours of radio blackouts over the matter, Coinbase took to Twitter to counter the rumors, stating that the January announcement of the new cryptocurrency listing — the subtle elements of how an “internal committee of experts” makes those decisions — had not changed.

Our January 4, 2018 statement continues to stand: we have not decided to add additional assets to GDAX or Coinbase.

As a prepared CNBC segment, it is unclear whether Garlinghouse and Hirji will appear on the panel or appear independently. Host Melissa Lee tweeted a screenshot of a promo for a crypto-themed segment earlier today, which features Passport Capital founder John Burbank and Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitiya.

A Ripple representative declined to comment on the rumors when reached.

Ripple saw another remarkable month, with its cryptocurrency asset XRP not able to withstand a significant loss from unprecedented highs in early January.

XRP gained up to 1,000 percent earlier this year, as well as attracting new customers and customers; his blockchain startup became the talk of the crypto industry in 2018.

However, it is important for newcomers to know that at the root of all this enthusiasm are concrete claims of the startup – specifically, that its technology will be able to transform international payments, improve outdated methods of payments and money. among significant financial institutions.

According to Ripple, its products are not only cheaper and faster, but also proudly assert that they are more methodical than the services available in the market today, which primarily emphasizes the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Coinbase has thrown some cold water on Ripple enthusiasts who want to see their coin hit the popular mainstream exchange.

Rumors that Ripple’s XRP will be next in line after Bitcoin Cash reached fever pitch this week among coin hype types read between the lines of CNBC’s Fast Money segment featuring Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Coinbase President Asiff Hirji appears to be a panel discussion on cryptocurrency trends.

Speculation based on the Fast Money segment sent XRP up nearly 6% from its weekly average to $1.07. Ripple’s XRP remains the only coin in the top five by market cap not available on Coinbase, although its absence isn’t all that surprising given XRP’s centralized nature and very different goals compared to other cryptocurrency projects. Still, there is a lot of trading interest, and these things do not prevent Coinbase from adding XRP in the future.

Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company.” Following the statement, XRP modestly retreated back towards its previous averages.

The company also linked to a January 5 blog post on criteria for adding new assets. “Coinbase will only announce the addition of new assets through our blog post or other official channels,” the post said. The company is likely not keen on repeating the chaos surrounding the introduction of Bitcoin Cash. Support for Coinbase’s newest asset was officially announced ahead of schedule, but the launch itself was marred by massive rewards, trading freezes and an internal trading investigation.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: What Can It Do for Your Business?

Despite the popular belief that blockchain technology is only intended for performing cryptocurrency transactions and earning bitcoins, blockchain continues to enter many areas of life: social media, gaming, healthcare, real estate, and more. Technology aims to increase business efficiency, reduce costs for businesses and improve customer experience.

Blockchain can be explained as a digitized database and it refers to digital ledger technology (DLT) that does not involve any central data storage or administrative functionality. Why is it preferred for enterprise? In addition to transparency, decentralization allows each participant to view all recorded data, secure it, and track important data.

These are the areas where Blockchain has already entered and proved that this technology is worth trusting.

For example, supply chain management is a key but sensitive part of many companies’ workflows. The parties involved in the process often do not communicate directly with each other and still use paper-based methods to collect and store information. Blockchain offers a complete elimination of paperwork: the movement of documents is automated, digital certification is also implemented. More importantly, every authorized member of the supply chain can trace the product from the producer to the consumer and prevent counterfeit distribution.

Faced with foodborne illness outbreaks and more food recalls, several American retail giants have implemented blockchain technology in their food supply chains. It used to take a minimum of 7 days to trace a product, and these days the origin of a food product can be determined in seconds.

Thus, blockchain solutions have made the recall process faster, more efficient and cost-effective. Meanwhile, customers have also encountered the application of blockchain in their hypermarkets. For example, in Walmart’s Chinese stores, they can scan the QR code and get all the information about the product: from the farm location to the inspection certificates.

Healthcare is an area where blockchain-based solutions are emerging as a highly secure and transparent way to store electronic health records (EHR). Both doctors and patients get permission to access the records and use them as needed. At the same time, blockchain solutions are equipped with smart contracts that allow to protect the privacy of EHR data. Healthcare device data and clinical studies are encrypted, and insurance can be implemented and stored. Another use case is supply chain control of prescription drugs and equipment.

E-commerce increasingly requires blockchain technology. Again, the supply chain is an important aspect here: monitoring goods and managing supplies are often difficult tasks, but blockchain helps businesses manage their inventory more efficiently. Consumers who trust their money and data to e-commerce organizations are concerned about data security and transparency, but this problem can be solved with blockchain development. Even slight changes in a transaction are visible on the blockchain, and tracking who made a mistake is no longer a problem. It is also possible to make cryptocurrency payments.

The next area is actually related to cryptocurrency transactions. DeFi, short for decentralized finance, refers not only to simple asset transfers, but also to more complex financial use cases. Blockchain implementation helps to eliminate middlemen and ultimately reduces costs. All transactions are encrypted and immutable, multi-step authentication mechanisms make it difficult for unauthorized members to access the system. Recent innovations include P2P lending services and the ability to apply for digital banking.

Social media also has the potential to be affected by blockchain. Despite its global popularity and ability to connect people around the world, social media is still vulnerable to account hacking, identity leaks, and copyright infringement. To solve these problems, blockchain offers copyright protection, digital identity verification, and impartial licensing.

Real estate, eGovernance, gaming industry and many others have joined the wave of blockchain adoption. Once your business chooses to innovate, outsource the implementation of the technology to one of the enterprise blockchain companies that will build a future-proof enterprise DLT for you. Your business with Blockchain will change the rules of the game in your field.

All Eyes on the United Trade Club

The world is witnessing a phase of constant change in the economic representation of what money looks like.

As things used to be used as a medium of exchange, and then coins, and now as a fiscal bill, the economic market is taking an irreversible turn against cryptocurrency, and the truth remains that sooner or later, if you buy, you must change with the changing times.

The situation every capitalist tries to avoid is that ordinary people have as much control over their finances as the capitalists. The first step to becoming rich is taking control of your finances, which leads to making financial decisions that will grow your funds by investing them wisely.

UNITED TRADE CLUB is a conglomerate founded with the goal of making the benefits of three major financial markets accessible to everyone; making sure people make real investment decisions that benefit them using cryptocurrency for the first time. The United Trading Club has launched a trading and profit-raising initiative called TRADE-o-BOT with an army of experts who have spent years studying the Blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Trade-O-Bot is an automated robot trading system expertly designed to trade simultaneously in three major financial markets for maximum profit for investors along with a team of trained professionals.

United Trade Club is built for individuals who want financial freedom, education and knowledge about the new economic market trend towards the cryptocurrency market. User-friendly interface, affordable packages, added benefits of being a user and even more attractive bonuses of being an affiliate come together to ensure that anyone who becomes a part of this business can earn the highest level and learn that any layman cannot. know the financial market.

United Trading Club is the best thing to happen to crypto users and traders, even save crypto because they trade for you and you can earn extra just by being an affiliate and referring others.

A team of professionals, consisting of experienced Blockchain developers who keep the system at the top of the chain, businessmen, marketers, psychologists and a group of lawyers who are updated on the best way to transfer knowledge about complex Blockchain technology – All contribute to the safety and efficiency of the platform and related activities.

Improvements are constantly being made to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology of the blockchain platform and more research than any other peer group going through.

The United Trade Club welcomes every entrepreneur, supporter, officer and employee interested in the financial market.

With all its steps, United Trading Club is the future of Cryptocurrency-backed trading.

Harvard Economist Claims Bitcoin Prices Are Falling

A Harvard economist says bitcoin is more likely to be worth $100 than $100,000 within the next ten years.

Harvard University professor and economist Kenneth Rogoff said on Tuesday that it is more likely that bitcoin prices will fall to $100 than the digital currency will trade at $100,000 in a decade.

“I think if we go ten years from now, bitcoin will be a fraction of what it’s worth now… I’d be more likely to see $100 ten years from now than $100,000,” Rogoff told CNBC. Squawk Box.”

“If you take away money laundering and tax evasion, its actual use as an operational tool is minimal,” said the former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Many illegal transactions have been linked to Bitcoin, whose estimates vary in proportion to the use of the digital currency used in illegal activities. According to Shone Anstey, co-founder and president of Blockchain Intelligence Group, the level of illegal transactions dropped to 20 percent in 2016 and was “significantly less than that” in 2017.

Rogoff said that the regulations introduced by the government will lead to lower bitcoin prices, although he emphasized that it will take time to develop a global regulatory framework.

“It has to be a global regulation. Even if the U.S. cracks down on it, and China cracks down on it, even if Japan doesn’t, people will still be able to launder money through Japan,” he said.

Bitcoin traded around $11,242.61 during Asian morning trading on Tuesday, according to industry website CoinDesk. The price of the digital currency has fallen this year from a record high of more than $19,000 in December last year.

According to Rogoff, authorities have been passive about regulating bitcoin because of the anticipation of the technology behind the digital currency.

“They want to see the technology advance,” Rogoff said, adding that the private sector has historically “designed everything” from standard coins to paper money in the history of currency.

Bitcoin is a significant growth area, as is the application of blockchain technology, which allows transactions to be stored and recorded.

However, there have also been claims in the past that bitcoin is falling in price. Before bitcoin sold off last December, Rogoff said last October that estimates for the digital currency would “collapse” amid attempts by governments to regulate the space.

Bitcoin Brokers – Understand the Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be spent, stored or invested, and it can also be stolen. Trading Bitcoins used to be considered risky, but the current trends indicate a huge hit in the binary options sector. This decentralized currency is not regulated by any Government or any central authority.

What determines the price of Bitcoins?

The price of Bitcoin is determined by the ratio of supply and demand. As demand increases, the price increases, and when demand decreases, rates decrease. Bitcoins in circulation are limited and new ones are created at a very slow rate. Its price can be extremely volatile because there is not enough cash to change the market price.

Bitcoin trading is popular because:

  • Low inflation risk – Inflation is the biggest problem for traders because all currencies lose some of their purchasing power when reserve banks keep printing more currency. Since the Bitcoin mintage is limited to only 21 million bitcoins, it is not affected by inflation.
  • Low crash risk – Fluctuations in currencies depend on government trade policies, which sometimes lead to hyperinflation and even currency collapse. Bitcoin is a virtual universal currency, not regulated by any government.
  • Simple, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments are made peer-to-peer with no intermediaries, so it’s simple and cheap.
  • Easy to carry – You can carry a million dollars worth of bitcoins in your pocket, on a memory stick. This cannot be done with gold or cash.
  • Untraceable – The issuance of Bitcoin is not regulated by any government, so there is zero risk of confiscation.

Binary options Bitcoin trading platform

Binary options brokers are familiar with the popularity of these bitcoins and its ever-changing values. Therefore, they take this opportunity to offer traders the latest volatile cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers that offer the cryptocurrency as a trading option include:

  • One touch option – Bitcoin trading can be done with AnyOption or one touch. For example, the current popular currency pair is BTC/USD.

  • SetOption – The latest option available for asset trading is BITCOIN/USD.

Bitcoin brokers provide a simple online trading platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand the market movement.

The trading screen is simple.

  • Select price direction (UP/DOWN)

  • Select a time frame

Is Bitcoin trading safe?

The Bitcoin network is perhaps the world’s most widespread computing project. The most common vulnerability here is user error. Bitcoin wallet files can be accidentally lost, stolen or deleted just like any other file in digital form.

However, users can use sound security strategies to protect their money. Alternatively, you can choose service providers that offer a high level of security as well as insurance against loss or theft.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an undeniably capable invention that has practically revolutionized the global business market. Its evolution has brought greater good not only for the business but also for its beneficiaries. But since it has been opened to the world, the outlook for its operational performance is still uncertain. The main question on everyone’s mind is – What is Blockchain?

To begin with, Blockchain technology acts as a platform that allows digital data to be transferred without the risk of being copied. In a sense, it laid the foundation for a strong foundation of a new kind of internet space. Originally intended to deal with Bitcoin – while trying to explain to the layman about the functions of its algorithms, hash functions and digital signature feature, today’s tech enthusiasts are finding other potential uses for this ingenious invention that can lead the way for startups. a completely new business transaction process in the world.

Blockchain, to define in all respects, is a kind of algorithm and data distribution structure for managing electronic cash without the intervention of any centralized administration, programmed to record all financial transactions, as well as everything of value.

Blockchain’s work

Blockchain can be understood as a Distributed Ledger technology originally developed to support the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But after heavy criticism and rejection, the technology was reworked for more productive use.

To give a clear picture, imagine a table that is practically multiplied tons of times between many calculation systems. And then imagine that these networks are designed to periodically update this table. Blockchain is exactly that.

The information stored in a blockchain is a shared ledger whose data is periodically reconciled. This is a practical way that speaks of many obvious benefits. However, blockchain data is not available in one place. This means that everything stored there is open for public viewing and inspection. In addition, there is no centralized data storage platform that hackers can tamper with. It accesses virtually over a million computing systems side-by-side, and its data can be consulted by anyone with an Internet connection.

Sustainability and authenticity of blockchain

Blockchain technology is something that minimizes the internet space. It is elegantly robust in nature. Similar to providing information to the general public via the World Wide Web, the original blocks of data are stored on a blockchain platform that is identically visible across all networks.

It is important to note that blockchain cannot be controlled by a single person, entity or identity and has no single point of failure. Just as the Internet has proven itself to be a sustainable space over the past 30 years, blockchain will serve as an authentic, secure global stage for business transactions as it continues to evolve.

Transparency and indestructible nature

Industry veterans argue that blockchain lives in a state of consciousness. He practically checks himself every now and then. It’s similar to self-verification technology, where its network regularly reconciles every transaction that takes place on board, known as blocks.

This gives rise to two main features of blockchain – it is very transparent and at the same time it cannot be tampered with. Every transaction that happens on this server is logged, so it makes everything visible to the public at all times. In addition, editing or releasing information on the blockchain requires a large amount of effort and powerful computing power. It is easy to identify fakes in it. Therefore, it is called indestructible.

Blockchain users

There is no set rule or rule as to who will or can use this seamless technology. While its potential users are currently limited to banks, commercial giants and global economies, the technology is open to the general public’s day-to-day operations. The only drawback Blockchain faces is global adoption.

Blockchain use cases

As the name suggests, blockchain is a block of transactions connected to each other in a chain. Originally created to support the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain technology has taken off and has the potential to transform our lives, our economy and our world. One of the greatest aspects of blockchain is that all transactions are open. This means you can trace everything back to its origin.

For example, imagine a foodborne illness outbreak. Pollution will be traceable from the dinner plate to the supermarket and the source of the product. Let’s take this transparency a step further. We live in an armed society. There is an illegal circulation of many weapons. Blockchain technology will not only eliminate illegal trade, but will also be a way to hold the source of the illegal arms trade accountable. In addition to allowing transactions to be open, Blockchain transactions are also fast.

Blockchain can potentially replace existing trading platforms, as investors selling shares through Blockchain will have immediate access to their funds instead of the typical waiting period. Transactions on blockchain are extremely fast, low-cost, and most importantly, more secure than many, if not all, platforms. Security is a huge factor in Blockchain, which is changing the world as we know it. By design, Blockchain is essentially unhackable. Its transaction ledgers are decentralized, meaning that copies of those transactions exist and must be verified by nodes. Once a transaction is confirmed, it is “sealed” into the block and is next to impossible to change. Since this platform is very secure, it can be used as a voting tool in the US and even around the world.

There are so many alleged cases of corruption and fraud that voting using Blockchain will eliminate these fears. Again, everything is public. It happens instantly. And it’s very safe. There will be no worries about votes being tampered with or votes not being counted. The irrevocable book will confirm this. Besides being public, secure and safe, Bitcoin is also very economical. It will cut out the middleman for most transactions. There will be little need for third parties to manage or review transactions. Businesses won’t have to waste security spending to prevent fraud because Blockchain has it covered. Businesses will also be able to use Blockchain to assess their supply chains and identify inefficiencies.

You find it funny how Blockchain started as a small platform to support Bitcoin and now it is bigger than what the technology was created to support. Although blockchain technology is relatively new, there are many advantages that are too good to overlook. Blockchain technology is transparent. All transactions take place in the public ledger. Blockchain technology is both fast and cost-effective. And finally, blockchain technology is safe and secure.

Grow your crypto at DeFiEarns: Crypto profitability farming rates aggregator

2021 has been a boom year for DeFi. The DeFi market is growing very fast and it’s hard to even keep track of all the changes.

Why is DeFi so special? The crypto market offers an excellent chance to earn more money in many ways: decentralized exchanges, income aggregators, credit services and even insurance – in all these projects you can place your tokens and receive a reward.

But the hottest moneymaking trend has its tricks. New DeFi projects are launched every day, interest rates change all the time, some pools stop working – and it’s a big headache to keep track of, but you have to.

Well, here is the solution. We have created a rating service of DeFi profitable agricultural projects that will help you find reliable projects with the highest interest rates for your safe investment in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The cryptocurrency profitability ranking aggregator was launched on August 1, 2021.

It maintains 56 projects – DEX’s (PancakeSwap, MDEX), Crop Farms, Crop Aggregators/Optimizers (PancakeBunny, Beefy Finance, AutoFarm), Credit Platforms (Venera, Additional Finance) and even Leveraged Yield Farming projects like Home and Alpaca. it is mentioned there. currently supports only 3 networks – Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. But it will be completed with other most popular networks within 2 months.

Clear interface and easy filters make everything simple. users can come up with interest rates for both a single token and a pair of tokens in multi-token pools where 3 or even 4 tokens can be invested. Investors can also track rating change history and total value locked (TVL) across different pools and different farms.

Don’t miss out on income by keeping your coins idle – multiply your cryptocurrency at

But keep in mind that investing in DeFi is risky: constant losses, project hacks, Oracle errors and high volatility of cryptocurrencies – these are the problems that farmers of DeFi yields always face.

How works

Just follow the link on and type the name of the token you have into the search box – then choose the best interest rate, but don’t forget to check the TVL first. The higher the TVL rating, the more reliable the project.

At, you can also find out which company audited the project.

What does mean?

We keep things simple and follow only one idea – to enable every DeFi enthusiast to choose the best interest rates on all projects.

The best discount to sell Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

The best discount to sell Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

In this new era, there are many major currency development trends that seriously abandon the great way to integrate cryptocurrencies for investment portfolios. The interaction of tokens with cryptocurrencies has emerged for liquidating positions. Investors in Strategic Coins, which tackles the cryptocurrency financial industry, have risen accordingly, as have these firms, which prioritize research analysis alongside educational contexts.

How to transfer balance to Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Although there are certain cases where there are several methods to buy Cromacoins other than bitcoins and allow purchasing with tokens. Our well-represented firm accepts to exchange Cromacoins to cash, which definitely guides you through the types of exchanges. Depending on the exchange, it may not be possible to withdraw USD from a token exchange, depending entirely on prevailing characteristics. In this case, to transfer them from Coinbase, they must be traded in tokens described as BTC or Cromacoin, also known as the superior digital currency.

Cromacoins is a foundation for Cryptocurrency investments to first understand the entire level of blockchain technology in order to buy tokens or coins, respectively. Nevertheless, you get the basics of Cromacoins, find the best rated method, which helps you to check out the crypto coin to understand the crypto financial industry.

Below are a few specialized points that support it accordingly:

 Register for an ICO through Cromacoins – All project resources are eliminated through Cromacoins, which determines the inclusion of goals, amount and money needed for the project type along with campaigns.

 Grab for Cromacoins – To participate in ICO New, you may need to own these major digital currencies.

 Choose Cromacoins- Cromacoins, one of the effectively dominant cryptocurrencies that are taken seriously anywhere in the world. Moreover, Cromacoins offers a convenient blockchain platform designed to build projects. If you want to check the minimum amount requirement for a particular ICO, please visit the corresponding white paper which can be found on our website.

 Cromacoins offers a stable convenient blockchain used for developers to rebuild the projects platform for ICO.

 Cromacoins Evolution- It is designed for wallet tools to seriously refill all withdrawals to valuable wallet. Consequently, hardware security can be achieved to store passwords on the device, which it recognizes accordingly.

 Participate in ICO and Buy Cromacoins – One of the great modes to engage in ICO as every major review of ICO New campaigns try to run smoothly. Our website will provide you with instructions and procedures for investing. Audit of all funds according to the investment to be performed according to the requirements.

 Get new ICO tokens to your address – One should be able to buy the newest tokens from the wallet. It depends on a campaign where tokens can come immediately. Moreover, ICO includes various deadlines and rules that are very important when buying new ICO tokens.

 Identify New ICO by Token and hold them – Be sure to add funds to the account, as all ICOs will require support from major wallet services. If one uses Cromacoins, any tokens can be converted to a device and managed through your respective wallets.

According to the consolidated procedure, you can buy the latest tokens at the wallet address, taking into account a special campaign where the token will be available immediately. Moreover, there are many things that can be delayed to consider communicating with other investors on specific platform exits.

3 Powerful Basics for the World of Digital Currency – Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the world of “Crypto”!

– Domain of blockchain technology

– Cryptocurrency market

– Bitcoin payment system locker.

So this is the trend or you can call the “digital currency world” with a great move to step up in the game.

If you are avoiding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency today, you will be in a bad ditch tomorrow. Not knowing how to stop steps is actually the present and future of currency. Since its inception, it has been growing and helping many people around the world.

Be it Blockchain to record transactions or Bitcoin system to manage the entire payment structure or Erc20 token wallet to define rules and policies for Ethereum token – everything goes hand in hand and the world is heading towards a new currency ray.

Sounds great, right?

Moreover, with the advent of such a successful currency regime, many firms love to be a part of this game. In fact, it is all about helping businesses or organizations to acquire Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency without any hassles through a reliable Blockchain development company. With a lot of knowledge and potential, these companies are developing this currency and playing an important role in the digital economy.

Just for a nano second, if we assume that cryptocurrency will no longer exist, then what will happen?

Maybe time will backfire on your idea!

First launched by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was a pioneer and from that beginning evolved an innovative digital currency with a spectrum of good things.

So, the question arises – will the development of cryptocurrency or its creator, the company that developed the cryptocurrency, disappear or remain until the end?

Actually the future is impossible to predict but we can say that cryptocurrency or Erc20 or Blockchain or Bitcoin wallet Development Company will be there with the same enthusiasm and passion to reach out to business verticals and organizations.

“Digital Currency is going to be a very powerful thing,” said John Donahoe, former CEO of eBay.

And it proves to be very accurate over time.

In fact, there are some valid reasons behind the success of this concept.

Proof of Fraud:

Blockchain is associated with cryptocurrency. So every transaction is recorded in this open ledger avoiding any fraud. And all identities are encrypted to prevent identity theft.

Erc20 takes care of all the rules and protocols, so breaking the rules and orders is not tolerated. If you are involved, then don’t forget to contact the Erc20 development company and develop it according to the rules.

You are the sole owner of:

There is no third party or other assistant or electronic system to evaluate what you do. Only you and your customer retain the end-to-end experience. Isn’t it a great concept?

However, settlement is instant and everything happens without any other hurdles between you and your seller. At the end of the day, the call is yours.

Easily approachable:

The internet has made everything accessible and at your fingertips. It plays an indispensable role in the digital currency market or exchange market. You will have a better option for currency exchange instead of using traditional and time-consuming methods. And a great way to be found as someone who is passionate about the cryptocurrency sphere.

If you are a business owner and waiting to welcome cryptocurrency in your area, always go ahead with determination. Approach a trusted seller or cryptocurrency exchange developer, discuss everything with all the cards that are revealed, and then hit the ball in court.