Forex Auto Money Review – Pros and Cons of Forex AutoMoney

Forex Auto Money is one of the most widely used trading signals in the world today. They have thousands of merchants who try their hand at subscribing to their services.

The way Forex Atmoney works is very simple: you sign up for their services and they provide you trading signals for different time frames and currency pairs. All you have to do is trade according to their suggested signals.

Naturally, you make the final decision about whether to trade. This is a semi-automated system: you get the signal but keep the trades yourself.

What are the pros and cons of foreign exchange?


  • You can try it out for a small amount of 95 4.95
  • You get trading signals for many currency pairs
  • You get signals for different time frames
  • It’s easy to use
  • They have a lot of nice testimonials
  • They guarantee a refund
  • You can easily check it out on a demo account before trading real money


  • Using this kind of service does not teach you anything about Forex
  • In certain market situations, this service is not as accurate as they advertise
  • You become dependent on a particular service and do not become an independent trader

How do you make sure you get the most out of Forex Auto Money?

First, check these out for yourself on a demo account. This is the step you need to take with any new system. Take the time to test how you want to make sure you work with them. Don’t judge them in a single trade.

Second, don’t forget to try and learn from their successful businesses and the businesses they are losing. Try to develop your business skills.

Third, always trade with one stop loss to make sure your losses are controlled.